Layout design

Whether you need a simple or a more complex site, looks are always important.
Edustria will design a website for you, aiming to make it look good and professional.
But since looks aren't everything, we also try to optimise your site for speed and performance.
If you want to allow mobile users to access your site, we can also make WAP sites.


A static website is a website that almost always looks the same and gives the same information.
A modern website can't afford to be static.
Dynamic websites have some programming on board that takes decisions and can display different information depending on these decisions.
Edustria will do this programming for you, making the possibilities for your website almost infinite, ranging from showing your latest price list to complex user profiles.

Database design

Sometimes a website needs to share data to or collect data from the people visiting it.
Then a database is required, along with the programming to access it.
Edustria will do both this programming and the design and implementation of the database.
If some or all of the data is already available we can also use it, so it doesn't have to be reentered.